What Our Clients Say

“A supplier that can be counted on to do it right the first time.”


– Lynn Fahey, Promega - http://www.promega.com

“Plymouth Foam is like a light switch, you flip the switch and they are there.”

– Mark Kritzman, Forest River - http://www.forestriverinc.com

“We had been experiencing ongoing damage to our glass pane doors.  We invited Plymouth Foam in for the first time to look at our product and see the damage. Within a week they had re-designed our packaging and come up with an effective and low cost solution.  They earned our business.”

– Dean Amacher, CMG Mirror and Glass - http://prestigecmg.com/

“Taking customer priority and business seriously, always make it happen.”

– Patrick Wu, Spin Master - http://www.spinmaster.com/

“I love to work with the folks at Plymouth Foam.  The customer service is second to none! They exceed our expectations at every stage, from development to delivery.”

– Marnie Ledet, Ballistic Performance Components - http://www.ballisticparts.com